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Professional NDIS Deep Cleaning Services in Melbourne & Perth

When moving into or out of a home, it's essential to have everything clean and organised. This can be especially difficult for people who have a disability or limited mobility. That's where professionals can help you with move-in or move-out cleans. The end of a lease is a time for moving out and getting your deposit back from the landlord. At this point, you might notice that your house could benefit from home deep cleaning services to get it completely ready for inspection. It saves you money on supplies and provides you with a clean place.

Alligator Cleaning provides NDIS residential deep cleaning services in Melbourne & Perth for homeowners who are part of the NDIS plan to ensure that their home is thoroughly cleaned. Our professional cleaners have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. They know how to efficiently clean every nook and cranny of your home in a short time. NDIS deep cleaning is a part of the NDIS plan, so trust Alligator Cleaning when you want to deep clean your home. We value privacy and confidentiality, so you can trust our team that no information about you will be disclosed when you hire us.

A quick look at the kitchen counter will unveil a few stains that perpetually live on your kitchen counter. And yes, pets are adorable, but their fur can cause havoc in your home! Perhaps you've tried to vacuum your beautiful living room carpet. Does it still look dirty? If so, you will stand to benefit from deep cleaning for your house. Our NDIS deep cleaning services sterilise every nook and corner, including:

  • Ducts
  • Tiles
  • Ceilings
  • Bathroom cabinets and floor
  • Kitchen cabinets and floor
  • Under the furniture
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators

The Best and Most Reliable NDIS Domestic and Residential Deep Cleaning Service

It helps if your home has been subject to regular cleaning as the overall task of shifting becomes easier. Even if you are not shifting houses, only surface-level cleaning takes care of the external appearance. Routine cleaning involves tidying up your spaces and cleaning floors. It also includes wiping your kitchen and bathroom surfaces and dusting. But, when the dirt cannot be removed and settles in a large amount, you need deep cleaning services at your home. And this can be especially difficult if you have limited mobility or cognitive abilities.

At Alligator Cleaning, we can handle thorough deep cleaning for any home. This includes getting rid of dirt, grime, soap scum, and other gunk. Sanitising surfaces is also an essential part of deep cleaning services. Our professional deep cleaning services make your home’s environment a healthy and visually appealing place to live. Alligator Cleaning provides residential deep cleaning services to ensure that your home is clean and hygienic. Being among the best deep cleaning services in Melbourne and Perth, we have expert cleaners in our team.

Here is what domestic deep cleaning services includes:

  • Bathroom: With our high-quality cleaning sprays and chemicals, longstanding grout is scrubbed out, wastebaskets are disinfected, and soap scum and limescale are removed from fixtures. We deep clean the baseboards and door frames of your bathrooms. Vanities and medicine cabinets also receive thorough attention while knobs and the toilet base are cleaned.
  • Kitchen: This space is usually filled with appliances. That is why we systematically clean the area. Grout lines on countertops or backsplashes are given adequate attention. Our team also scrubs your oven and dishwasher as well as wiping down your refrigerator and microwave. Cabinet cleaning is also a part of our tasks.
  • General Spaces: As dust and rubbish accumulation often happens under furniture, we ensure that the area underneath is swept and mopped. Our cleaners carefully wipe the ceiling fans and light fixtures. Our professional cleaners wipe the blinds as well as dust off the lampshades. Moreover, we clean inside window sills, scrub walls, perform vacuuming along the wall edges and other spaces. During our deep cleaning services, our team cleans baseboards, window frames, and door frames, as well as wipe, went covers.

Get professional deep cleaning services at home from our friendly team.

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Alligator Cleaning: Most Trusted Name in NDIS Deep Cleaning Services Across Melbourne & Perth

We aim to ensure that all NDIS clients enjoy a clean and healthy environment in their homes. Here are a few reasons to consider experts from Alligator Cleaning for deep cleaning services:

  • Experienced: Our team consists of expert cleaners who have years worth of experience.
  • Valuable service: We provide quality service for all our customers regardless of how big or small your home space is. Our clients get the most out of our deep cleaning services, so they have a clean area and offer valuable advice to maintain a neat, clean home.
  • Time-efficient: Most people have a tight work schedule. That is why we provide cleaning services at a time of your convenience.
  • Protecting client privacy: While deep cleaning, our team values your privacy. You can let us know the areas you do not wish to touch. Also, we do not disclose any information about you or your home.

Alligator Cleaning offers quality NDIS house deep cleaning services in Melbourne and Perth at an affordable rate! So don’t wait any longer and contact us today on Melbourne – 03 8375 7488 / Perth – 0403 558 800 or email us at! If you or your loved one need a deep cleaning service, fill out our referral formand we’ll get back to you!


Each room is dusted, moped, scrubbed as well as vacuumed to make your home squeaky clean. Deep cleaning is more intensive than regular cleaning. Our cleaners will remove grime and stains that are difficult to get rid of as they use the latest cleaning equipment and safe, powerful chemicals.
The price range depends on several factors, such as the area of your home that needs to be cleaned. Our friendly team can customise a suitable plan for your needs while staying within your budget.
It is recommended to have your home deep cleaned on a quarterly basis. Other times that can benefit your home via deep cleanings are when you are shifting into a new place or mold growing in your home.

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