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You need to keep your hotel in top-notch condition to provide the best hospitality service to your clients. Hotel room cleaning in Melbourne & Perth is a specialised task that you should entrust only to the best cleaning company. As a hotel owner, you can understand that in the highly competitive hospitality industry, first impressions can often form a lasting image.

A dirty or untidy lobby or an unclean hotel-room results in negative publicity and loss of business. And in the increasingly interconnected world, bad publicity is detrimental to any business and service.

To get the best out of every service dollar spent, hire Alligator Cleaning, the premium, and most sought-after hotel cleaning service in Melbourne & Perth. With our years of experience in serving high-end clients in the hotel industry, we understand the comprehensive needs of a hotel and strive to provide the best service at the most affordable prices.

What Is Included in Hotel Cleaning Service?

Alligator Cleaning’s hotel cleaning service includes:

How Do You Deep Clean a Hotel Room?

A hotel room is different from a home bedroom as it has a rotational occupancy. Every new guest expects the room to be tidy and clean that offers relaxation. This level of service can only be assured with the deep cleaning of the hotel room after a guest checks out. While bed sheets, towels, and toiletries are routinely changed after the room becomes vacant, deep cleaning of a hotel room includes varied other activities as well.

We clean the entire room of any dust or accumulated dirt. Pick up leftovers and trash, baggage them, and dispose of them, while we vacuum the room. We also clean all the door and cupboard handles, along with the TV screen and air conditioner mounting. The bathroom is another area that requires special attention. We scrub and disinfect the shower, commode, and bathtub thoroughly before the arrival of the new guest. This level of service ensures that you have a happy and content guest every single time.

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Pokies venue cleaning services

Pokies Venues, Clubs, and Hotel Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne & Perth

Along with hotels and commercial properties, Alligator Cleaning is a famous provider of professional cleaning services for Pokies venues and clubs. We have deep expertise in cleaning Pokies venues and clubs after an event and weekend gatherings.

Pokies Venues Cleaning: There is a daily stream of visitors to Pokies venues, and during weekends or the holiday season, it becomes tightly packed with people. The continuing popularity of Pokies machines in Melbourne & Perth results in guests in a party mood thronging these venues. It is hardly surprising then that the Pokies venues are littered with discarded bottles, leftover food, and other forms of trash every morning and after weekends.

As a Pokies venue owner, you need to get the venue cleaned every morning and after weekends. The easiest, smartest, and most affordable way to do it is to hire Alligator Cleaning. We offer the best Pokies venue cleaning services in Melbourne and Perth. Our extensive Pokies venues cleaning service includes wiping all Pokies machines of any kind of stains of food and drinks, carpet cleaning, litter clearing, packing and disposal. This ensures that you have a clean and welcoming Pokies venue every night to welcome new guests.

Clubs Cleaning: Clubs are hugely popular in Melbourne, Perth, and other cities. They are an integral part of the cities’ vibrant nightlife and are frequented by patrons each night. During the weekends and holidays, they pack to capacity. Many partying guests also means litter, stains, and trash that need to be cleared thoroughly for the club to remain a popular venue with party-goers.

To ensure this, you can hire the best club cleaning service in Melbourne and Perth with a proven track record of extensive club cleaning. Our highly trained staff works with precision and detail to clear the club of all littering. We wipe, mop, and vacuum the property thoroughly to welcome new guests in the evening and ensure that the party scene continues uninterrupted.

Call us now on Melbourne – 03 8375 7488 / Perth – 0403 558 800 to get a free quote for professional hotel cleaning in Melbourne and Perth. Speak with our experts to get a no-obligation quote on your property cleaning. Alligator Cleaning provides cleaning for the Pokies venues and clubs that give you peace of mind and a smile of satisfaction. Trust us for a tidier, cleaner, and better hotel, Pokies venue, and club.