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Office And Commercial Cleaning
Office & Commercial Cleaning Service Melbourne

Professional Office & Commercial Cleaning Service Melbourne

Maintaining an office environment that is clean and hygienic is necessary for all businesses. Alligator Cleaning provides a safe and healthy workplace for all staff. Cleaning the office means less sick leave and a healthier environment for staff to increase their focus on their work. We will clean your desks, kitchen, sink disinfecting, bathrooms and toilet disinfecting and deodorizing, vacuum your carpet, mop the floors and stairs, etc. Our staff is highly experienced, and we can easily accommodate any situation to suit your needs.

Trusted Rusted Cleaning Company For Over 100 Clients & Growing Everyday!

Alligator Cleaning continues to work with some of the most reputable companies Victoria wide, from household names to smaller start-ups. Whatever business you’re in, we’re here to clean up the mess left behind.

Rusted Cleaning Melbourne

What Make us Different?

Benefits Of Professionally Clean Office

A clean workplace leaves a far better impression on the visitors and business associates. It adds to the positive energies surrounding you all day long while you are stressing most of your energy, concentrating on solving business problems, and finding newer ways to grow the span of your business. It also means lesser sick days for the staff.

No Middleman, No Contractors

Sadly, many cleaning companies inflate their prices, so they can subcontract work to poorly trained, uninsured, unreliable, and underpaid workers who rush the job, leaving you with a substandard clean. Alligator is raising the bar well and truly. We provide highly skilled, insured, English-speaking cleaners who take pride in their work and get paid accordingly. You get the cleaning for which you paid.

Communication Is The Key

Whether it’s an email, phone call, or in-person visit, our English-speaking staff are excellent communicators. Plus, our documentation is fluff-free, so you know exactly what you’re getting from day one.

Providing Transparent Cleaning Services

We Listen Closely to your requirements and combine our years of experience to provide an accurate time frame for job completions. While moving through your premise we carefully calculate the time required for each room/area, before reaching the total number of hours required for the job.

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