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Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning Services Melbourne

Quality Spring Cleaning Services in Melbourne & Perth

Welcome this spring with a spotless home. Spring cleaning is more than an annual ritual. It is the best way to herald a welcome change of season and usher in positive vibes in your home and life. Alligator Cleaning helps clean your house of the accumulated dust, gunk, grime, cobwebs and makes it sparkling clean.

With your busy schedule and hectic life, you may not find the time to do spring cleaning yourself. So you can hire a professional spring cleaning service that is affordable and a smart way to clean your house before spring. The other advantage of hiring Alligator Cleaning is that our professional cleaning service uses high-quality and the safest cleaning material. We offer guaranteed results with our hugely popular spring cleaning. professional cleaning service is done with high quality and the safest cleaning material. We offer guaranteed results with our hugely popular spring cleaning.

What Is Included in a Spring-Cleaning Service?

Spring cleaning is the thorough cleaning of the house that covers the entire property to give you the best cleaning results. It is comprehensive cleaning before the spring season to bring rejuvenation and positivity. Our spring-cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning: Our comprehensive kitchen spring cleaning service includes removing cobwebs, cleaning dirt and layers of grime and accumulated grease from all surfaces, handles, and sink. Every nook and corner of the kitchen, including the insides of the cupboards, the area under the sink, windowsills, exhaust fan, pipes, stovetop, the splashback is included in this cleaning. Our highly trained staff uses high-tech equipment and high-quality chemicals to remove the toughest stains and layers of grime. The kitchen floor and surface are thoroughly vacuumed and mopped for the ultimate cleaning experience.

Bathroom cleaning: General cleaning covers the entire house; this includes removing cobwebs, dusting off fans, air conditioning ducts, door handles, cupboards, etc.

Cleaning & wiping: The spring bathroom cleaning covers shower, bath, vanity, exhaust fans, air conditioning ducts, windowsills, flush, and commode. The toilet is thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected to remove germs, microbes, and bacteria. Toilet tiles are scrubbed, cleaned, and polished. Mirrors and washbasins are rigorously cleaned and polished. All the handles, light switches, and cupboard surfaces are dusted, cleaned, and mopped. We vacuum the entire toilet, and the items removed during cleaning are put back in their original places. The empty cans, bottles, and other trash is removed and carefully disposed of.

Bedroom cleaning: Spring bedroom cleaning includes clearing the dust off every surface, be it bedside or cupboards. Cobwebs are removed, while fans, air ventilation ducts, air conditioner internal unit’s outer surface thoroughly cleaned. Wall hangings, picture frames, mirrors, decoration pieces are all dusted, and wet moped. All light switches are cleaned, and heavy-duty vacuuming is done under the bed, entire carpet area and beneath the moveable furniture.

Carpet cleaning: The carpets are cleaned through the steam extraction process. It helps in removing stains, pet odours and restoring the original look of the carpet.

Doors, windows, and external cleaning: Our extensive spring cleaning includes doors, door frames, windowsills, and external cleaning. It helps give the overall spring-clean look to your home.

Additional Services With Spring Cleaning: You can always add these services along with your spring-cleaning service:

  • Clean inside fridge
  • Clean dirty dishes in the kitchen
  • Wash, dry and fold 1 load of laundry
  • Clean balcony
  • Ironing half an hour (equipment not provided)
  • Inside and exterior windows
  • Garage sweep
  • Inside and exterior windows (ground floor only)
  • Exterior windows (ground floor only)
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Clean blind
  • Clean oven
  • Car parking
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Queen or king mattress – upholstery steam cleaning
  • Stairs, hallway, walk-in wardrobe
  • Couch – upholstery steam cleaning
  • Chaise – upholstery steam cleaning
  • Rug – upholstery steam cleaning
  • Chair – upholstery steam cleaning
  • Cot/small/single or double mattress – upholstery steam cleaning

Call us now on Melbourne - 03 8375 7488 / Perth – 0403 558 800 to get a free quote on home spring cleaning for your property. Or speak with our expert to get a no-obligation quote on your property cleaning. Alligator Cleaning provides an affordable spring-cleaning service that offers you peace of mind and a smile of satisfaction. Trust us for a cleaner, tidier, and better home before spring.

Services Includes

room cleaning


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Dust Window Ledges & Furniture
  • Clean Glass Table Tops
  • Empty Bins
  • Vacuum All Carpet, Small Rugs & Stairs
  • Vacuum Closet Shelves & Drawers
  • Dust/Wipe Doors
kitchen cleaning


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Dust Window Ledges & Furniture
  • Clean Stove Top
  • Clean Microwave
  • Clean Countertops
  • Clean Large Electronic Appliances
  • Clean Sinks
  • Dust/Wipe Doors
  • Empty Bins
  • Dust & Wipe Laundry Area
  • Vacuum Kitchen & Laundry Floors
  • Mop Kitchen & Laundry Floor
bathroom cleaning


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Dust Window Ledges & Furniture
  • Wipe Bathroom Cabinets
  • Clean Countertops
  • Scrub & Clean Toilets
  • Scrub & Clean Tubs
  • Scrub & Clean Showers
  • Empty Bins
  • Vacuum Bathroom Floors & Rugs
  • Mop Bathroom Floors
  • Dust/Wipe Doors

Looking more........... You always can add extras

Clean Inside Fridge – ($25 -$100)

Clean Dirty Dishes in Kitchen – ($25 – $100)

Wash, Dry and Fold 1 Load of Laundry – ($20 – $100)

Clean Balcony – ($19 – $100)

Ironing half an hour (equipment not provided) – $25

Inside and exterior Windows up to 2 Bedroom House – $159

Garage Sweep – $39

Inside and exterior Windows 3 Bedroom (Ground Floor only) House – $199

Inside and Exterior Windows 4 Bedroom House (Ground Floor Only) – $230

Exterior Windows 5 Bedroom House (Ground Floor Only) – $260

steam cleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning up to 2 Rooms – $99

steam cleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning 3 Rooms – $139

Clean Blind – ($20 – $75) Eash

Clean Oven – $65

steam cleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning 4 Rooms – $179

car parkingCar parking If the spot not provided $10

steam cleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning 5+Rooms – $219

mattressQueen or King Mattress – Upholstery Steam Cleaning – $130 each

cleanerStairs, Hallway, Walk in Wardrobe (Carpet Steam Cleaning) – $20

Couch – Upholstery Steam Cleaning – $50 per seat

Chaise – Upholstery Steam Cleaning – $75 each

rugRug – Upholstery Steam Cleaning – $45 per rug

chairChair – Upholstery Steam Cleaning – $20 per chair

Cot/Small/Single or Double Mattress – Upholstery Steam Cleaning – $95 each

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