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Vacate Cleaning

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Vacate Cleaning
Vacate Cleaning Services Melbourne

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100% Bond Back Gurantee.

Vacate cleaning is the final cleaning of the property before it is handed back to its owner. Before moving out, you need to get the property – be it a house or a commercial property, thoroughly cleaned for returning it to the property owner. This is a standard industry-wide practise and the property owner and estate agent both expect a proper and professional cleaning done before the return of the keys.

The Importance of Vacate Cleaning Service

Vacate cleaning is part of the conditions of the agreement and is required for the return of the bond. If vacate cleaning is not done properly, the cost of the cleaning is taken from the bond that you had deposited at the start of the lease. This is an expensive option for any tenant. It is far cheaper to hire professional vacate cleaning specialists to do the job. Another advantage of getting the leased or rented property cleaned by a cleaning professional is that you get better references when you look for a new property to move in.

The Cost of Vacate Cleaning

There is no standard cost of vacate cleaning as the size and layout of each property is different. It is best for to you get the property inspected by experts and get an affordable quote. You should never compromise on quality or try to do the cleaning yourself, as the real estate agents have a checklist to meet their criteria.

Time Estimate for Vacate Cleaning

It varies upon the size of the property, the condition of the property. A good cleaning crew like our team at Alligator Cleaning can give you an estimate of both time and cost before starting work. It is also dependent on the checklist provided by the real estate agent as the work is done to meet with their exhaustive checklist.

The Best End of Lease Service Provider in Melbourne & Perth: Book a Service Now!

You should always look for the best "end of lease" cleaning service provider in Melbourne & Perth. The cleaning service provided by a professional cleaning service takes care of all the conditions of the bond. It is specialised work and should be entrusted only to experts as the return of the bond is dependent on the thorough cleaning of the leased property. At Alligator Cleaning, we understand that vacating a property and moving to new premises is a stressful task for most people, as is the property inspection by real estate agents. Our specialised end-of-tenancy cleaning in Melbourne & Perth is designed specifically to meet the conditions of the bond.

Finding a Local End of Lease Cleaning Crew

To get your security deposit back, you need to get the leased property restored to its original condition. The best and easiest way to do it is to find the best local service provider for affordable end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne & Perth. The advantage of working with a local company is that they are aware of the local conditions, including the expectations of the property owners and the real estate agent’s checklist. At Alligator Cleaning, we work with REAs and obtain the checklist of their requirements.

Choose only our professional team for end-of-lease cleaning services for the following reasons:

  • High-tech equipment for cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning of the entire property
  • Safe chemicals used in the cleaning process
  • Comprehensive range of services involved in the cleaning process
  • Professional and experienced team for the job
  • Stress-free inspection
  • Abiding with the REA checklist
  • Attention-to-detail service

Checklist: Vacate Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning Services in Melbourne & Perth

As a tenant, you need to ensure that there are no holes, tears, or burn marks in the carpets and rugs. There should not be any damage done to the property by you or your visitors, while the property is on lease with you. On the other hand, as a tenant, you are protected by law and are not responsible for any damages that may have occurred due to natural events, for example, earthquakes, floods, or storms. You are also not liable for the fading and natural decay in the colouring and shine of tiles, rugs, wallpapers, floors, etc.

Overlooked areas in End of Lease Cleaning

In everyday living and during regular cleaning done by you or professionals, some certain areas and spaces are often overlooked. However, these are important at the end of lease cleaning as they form part of the checklist of the real estate agents. As your cleaning service provider, we ensure that these overlooked areas are given special attention in the cleaning process. Some of the things covered in it are lighting fixtures, oven cleaning, blinds cleaning and repairs, pressure cleaning of the exteriors.

Here are some tips:

  • No holes in cupboards and carpets
  • No stains on floors, cupboards
  • Cupboards & wardrobes dusted in and out
  • Clean kitchen – scrubbed, mopped, and vacuumed
  • Clean bathroom – disinfected
  • Clean rooms – dusted, vacuumed, and mopped
  • Clean rugs & carpets
  • Clean fittings and air ducts
  • Vacuumed and mopped corridors
  • Vacuumed and mopped entryway

Call us now on Melbourne - 03 8375 7488 / Perth – 0403 558 800 to get a free quote on our cleaning services for your leased property. Speak with our expert to get a no-obligation quote. Alligator Cleaning provides affordable end-of-tenancy cleaning that offers you peace of mind and a smile of satisfaction. Trust us to provide you with the best bond cleaning in Melbourne & Perth with guaranteed results.

End Of Lease Cleaning Services Melbourne

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Studio Apartment

$ 250
  • 100% Bond Back Gurantee

3 Bedrooms

$ 365
  • 100% Bond Back Gurantee

1 Bedroom

$ 250
  • 100% Bond Back Gurantee

4 Bedroom

$ 415
  • 100% Bond Back Gurantee

2 Bedrooms

$ 310
  • 100% Bond Back Gurantee

5 Bedrooms

$ 465 From
  • 100% Bond Back Gurantee

What is Included

kitchen cleaning


  • Clean Benchtops
  • Clean Stove
  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Sink & Tabs
  • Clean Splashback
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean Ranghood
  • Internal Windows
bathroom cleaning


  • Clean Bath Tub
  • Clean Counter tops
  • Clean Cupboards
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean splashback
  • Clean shower screen
  • Clean sink and taps
  • Clean & Disinfect Toilet
  • Clean Tiles
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean Exhaust Fan
  • Internal windows
room cleaning


  • Clean Doors & Handles
  • Clean Light Switches
  • Clean Walls
  • Internal windows
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Cuboards
  • Dust Blinds
  • Dust Light Fittings/ Fans
  • General Tidy Up
  • Mop & Vacuum Floors
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Wipe Skirting Boards

Extra Services

Exterior Windows

$ 55 2 Bedroom House

Carper Cleaning

$ 90 1 Bedroom

Carpet Cleaning

$ 120 2 Bedroom

Carpet Cleaning

$ 180 4 Bedroom

Blind Cleaning

$ 25 Each Blind


$ 99 From

Garage sweep

$ 39 Single Garage

Balcony Clean

$ 35 .

Additional Bathroom

$ 50 1 Room

Deep Wall Cleaning

$ 50 1 Room

Car Parking

$ 10 2 Hours

Grout Cleaning

$ 29 1 bathroom

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