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Moving to a new house is never easy. Most people get stressed with the very thought of moving in or moving out of their house. A big part of this stress is getting the house cleaned after moving out or before shifting your belongings to a new property. If you are moving out of a rented or leased property you need a professional move out cleaning done to claim your bond with the real estate agent. It is thus a good and smart move to engage a cleaning service with experience in handling move out house cleaning.

Move-Out Cleaning Services in Melbourne

move in and move out cleaning service Melbourne

To provide you with hassle-free move out cleaning services, we work closely with estate agents and follow their checklist of end of lease cleaning. Our comprehensive services ensure that the entire property is cleaned of stains, dirt, grime, and accumulated grease, bacterial and microbes. It also includes carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and exteriors’ cleaning.

Our experts are fully aware that this is specialised cleaning that must pass the rigorous inspection of REA to help you obtain your bond with no deduction. Accordingly, our team works to ensure that the cleaning is done as per the highest standards to help you get back your bond. 

Our extensive move out cleaning covers all areas including:

Move-In Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Moving to a new property, whether rented or purchased poses its own unique set of challenges. The biggest worry of all those moving in is the house clean and safe and will all their stuff fit in? At Alligator Cleaning we understand your requirements and our popular customised cleaning is designed to ensure that your new home is ready, prepared and spotlessly clean to welcome you when you move in. We offer you:

What Does Our Move in Home Cleaning Service Include?


Like every homeowner, you want a clean house filled with sunshine and a whiff of fresh air when you move into your new property. It is stressful for most people to get everything packed, move out of their present property to a new location. They do not want to compound their worries with an unclean house littered with trash, dirty carpets or filled with bad odours. A new house means a new chapter in your life with your loved ones and you always want to start on a good note. As such a clean house is a necessity for every person moving to a new property. Alligator Cleaning’s extensive and popular move in cleaning service in Melbourne covers every aspect of cleaning in your new house. Some of its features are:

Move in and move out cleaning service in Melbourne

Kitchen: Our extensive kitchen cleaning covers the entire kitchen including the inside of cupboards, cleaning of ovens, microwave, grill, rangehood, dishwasher, and fridge. All doorknobs, handles, windows, windowsills, exhaust fan, doors etc. are cleaned. Scrubbing and washing are done of tiles, floor, and all areas of the kitchen. We give special attention to often ignored areas like under the sink. All garbage is carefully packed and removed.

Bathroom: The bathroom cleaning service covers all taps, cupboard handles, bathtub, sink and washbasin. Cleaning of tiles, shower, shower door, mirrors, cupboards is included. The entire bathroom is scrubbed, disinfected, washed, mopped, vacuumed, and dried. This removes all germs, bacteria, and bad odours.

Rooms: Dusting and washing of all surfaces in all the rooms are covered in the room cleaning service. All wall hangings, lightings, projections, decorative pieces, windows, doors, windowsills, under the bed is covered. Every cupboard and wardrobe are dusted and cleaned inside out, every light switch is cleaned, and all stains removed. The carpet and rugs are thoroughly cleaned, and the floor is washed, mopped, and vacuumed. Air-conditioner ducts are cleaned from the outside, and all fans are properly dusted.

Outside House: The outside of the house is often ignored by people and cleaning service providers. However, it is equally important, and it is the first thing you see when you approach your house. Our extensive move in cleaning covers the exterior of the house as well. The grass is mowed, weed is removed and we sweep the outside area of the house. All trash is packed and removed, and the driveway is also cleaned.

Garage: The garage is cleaned of all junk, oil stains and grease. We ensure that the place is clean, well-lit, and airy before you move in with your family.

How Much Does Move-In Cleaning Cost?

Every property is different, and the amount of effort required to clean it also varies. Move-in cleaning cost is dependent on various factors. These are:

We will be happy to visit the property you have decided to move in and give you an estimate of the cost and time required to clean the house and make it ready for you to move in.

Call us now on 0406 333 063 to get a free quote on move in or move out cleaning for your property. Alligator Cleaning provides affordable cleaning services in Melbourne that offers you peace-of-mind and a smile of satisfaction. Trust us for providing you with cleaning services with guaranteed results.